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[vc_row][vc_column width='2/3'] EPISODE SHOW NOTES The wait is finally over... Add Peter Voogd on Snapchat: --- GameChangers Film #5 Staring Peter Voogd: How To Raise Your Standards - Why Standards Matter - Film by Peter Voogd - Talk at Tai Lopez Mansion -- Gamechangers Movement: Special thanks to Tai Lopez and Mark Lack. What are... Add Peter Voogd on Snapchat: --- Gamechangers Film #4 Staring Peter Voogd: How To Increase Your Value To Make More Money - Jim Rohn - Film by Peter Voogd -- Gamechangers Movement: Video Summary------- Are you looking to be successful in your business? Want to...

Excited to share this with all you young hustlers and ambitious entrepreneurs. The Ambition Is Priceless Mixtape is finally here! You can download 2 tracks @ - Please share/tag the most ambitious people you know. Designed to inspire and educate millennials in a new, more...

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