Ambition Is Priceless
Mixtape and Results Guide

The New and Relevant Way to Motivate and Inspire


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Peters mixtape isn’t just for entrepreneurs, it’s for anyone. The content that he puts out and the truth he speaks is 100%. In a society that needs to wake up/step up this is the stuff that people need to hear. Peter thank so much for adding so much value to not only my life but everyone who listens to this as well!

– Jake Westhoff

So much value!!
This mixtape is amazing it has so much value even more then any other books or podcast. I love Peters work because cause he is a no BS type of person and I love that!

–Michael A. Bernal

Ready to get pumped and inspired?

Peter is so inspiring especially at this generation filled with so much information, he filters out a lot of noise and creates original, motivational, inspiring content!


Ambition Is Priceless
Mixtape Part I

A 16-track fully mastered motivational album. Each track has a unique message mixed with an emotionally compelling sound. The focus is to educate and inspire in a new, relevant, and relatable way. Each track is between 3-6 minutes, and gives very tactical, no BS, and comprehensive strategies.
AIP Mixtape Part I

Ambition Is Priceless
Mixtape Part II

The new era of motivation returns with AIP Part II. Another powerful and unique album focused on shifting your emotional state, and elevate your game. These tracks are formulated to create sustained motivation, real change, and maximized results. You’ll never have a motivation issue ever again after listening.
AIP Mixtape Part II

Ambition Is Priceless Results Guide

How To Turn Your Ambition Into Real Results, Income, and Influence

This is a proven step by step results guide focused on helping you turn your ambition into real results, income, and influence. What makes this book different is the fact there is No BS, No fluff, No Academic Theories, and No Sugar Coating. You’ll only find real world, tactical, and hard core strategies from 12 years of being in the trenches. This book won’t just inspire you. It will help you create sustained motivation and give you the exact road map you need to create Real Change, Real Results, and a Real Legacy.

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