The R Factor: How To Get Massive Referrals

The R Factor: How To Get Massive Referrals

Everyone wants referrals or to be referred but no one is doing the right thing in order to get that referral.

The best way to grow your business is by the word of mouth. Your ability to get referrals from other people is one of the most important aspects of real business in this new economy. Be someone who your best customers will want to introduce you to people like them.

1) Be on time

Show up on time. It shows you respect and value your time and your clients time.

2) Do what your say you are going to do

If you want clients to refer you, always do what you say you’re going to do. Integrity is what drives people to be obsessed with what you do.

3) Finish what your started

So many people take on so many thing that they’re not fully sold on, and when other things come up they put things to the side and leave things undone. Fully sell yourself on what ever you say you are going to do.

4) Say please & thank you

Be courteous, treat everyone that you meet like they are the most important in the world.

5) Be present

Be fully present to the person in front of you. Listen closely and observe and learn from the people around you.

Once you focus on increasing your referabilty factor, your business will increase.

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