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Signature Keynote

The 5 Big Breakthroughs in Business and Productivity

Ideal For Corporate / Associations / Non-Profits / Direct Sales
Length 45~60 minutes Plus (optional) Live Q&A
Inclusions Exclusive Productivity Mastery and Customized Time Management Blueprint
This message is a real Game Changer. Peter walks through how any entrepreneur, sales professional, or leader can double their productivity, exponentially grow profits, and become more self sufficient. This is the same information that helped Peter go from working 70+ hours doing $750,000 annually, to working 20 hours doing 2 million+ annually. This talk will create massive results for your team, and can be the catalyst to exceptional and sustained growth.

Topics covered in this message:

The daily routines of the worlds ELITE performers. Peter deep dives into why they get 10x more done AND have more free time than the majority.

The power of mastery vs. information overload and how to get addicted to execution not information.

Find out what activities yield the biggest results for you and your business. This will help you double your effectiveness, and reduce your efforts. Will go through Proven Strategies, not theories.

How to identify your biggest productivity killers, and how to take care of interruptions before they come up.

What 5% of the worlds achievers know about productivity and business that you don’t. This will give you massive clarity, confidence, and certainty that what you’re doing is the most intelligent action. This is why 5% of our society makes more than all the other 95% combined. Not knowing this is draining your bank account, and leaving a lot of money on the table.

Signature Keynote

Dead-Broke to 6 Figures within 6 Months

Ideal For Corporate / Associations / Non-Profits / Direct Sales
Length 45~60 minutes Plus (optional) Live Q&A
This is based on Peter’s 27-time international best seller “6 Months to 6 Figures” which has now sold over 100,000 copies. Peter reveals his story of going from dead broke, discouraged, and struggling to a 6 figure income
within 6 months. Peter has since created a 6 figure income in 7 different industries, and has turned his method into a proven framework. In this comprehensive & tactical message your team will learn the exact tools and strategies he used and continues to use to create top notch results. These are transferable to ANY industry, regardless of experience.

Topics covered in this message:

Society’s most common myths that are keeping most people broke, stressed, and uncertain about their futures.

Mastering the 1 page productivity plan—This is the tool Peter uses to help people gain absolute clarity on their ideal outcomes. This will help people simplify their business into 1 page and use that page to stay laser focused towards your goals.

How to bulletproof your mindset, strengthen you mental toughness, and create an unshakable confident account. This is crucial to consistent and improved results.

The importance of shifting your circle of influence, and how to build a million dollar network. “The 6 Months to 6 Figures Framework”—This million dollar framework can be used to reach the top 5% of any industry regardless of your past experience.

Creating result rituals and systems that actually work, and how to sustain them year and year

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Speaking Testimonials

“Peter delivered 50 times the value anybody was expecting for the event, and drew attendees from hundreds of miles away. His passion and energy was unrivaled, and he engaged the audience like I had never seen done before. From the moment he arrived, he offered continuous advice on his perspectives of business and entrepreneurship. Despite his immense knowledge and passion, he was down to earth and able to relate with everyone he interacted with. I look forward to working with Peter for future engagements!”

Wade Swikle, President 2CollegeBrothers.com

“We had Peter as a speaker at our congress as he was highly recommended to us by one of our financial advisors. In completing research on Peter, we realized he would be a great fit to address our financial advisors at our annual conference. Peter’s keynote was high energy and hit the points we highlighted, right on. He talked about being focussed, measuring results, inspiring others. Peter is very personable. He stayed back after the session to chat with our advisors one on one. He shared some personal stories that demonstrated how he achieved success. We would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a dynamic, energetic speaker with a great message on perseverance and resiliency.”

Lissa Seguin | FCIP | Associate District Manager
Niagara Thames District| The Co-operators

“Peter’s highly valued, actionable and results-oriented content, along with his confident, and engaging style has made him one of the most requested speakers in the industry. Peter has real knowledge, and an authentic raw understanding of what it takes to motivate at the highest level. He knows how to inspire, create real change, and raise the standards of every audience he comes in contact with. He is known for dealing in reality, and has a unique combination of humor and stories to penetrate his audiences.”

Isaac Tolpin, Co-founder ConVeyour



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