The Untold Truth of How to Reach Sustained Greatness

The Untold Truth of How to Reach Sustained Greatness



How can you reach your potential to greatness? Those who operate at the peak of their game know exactly who they are and what their strengths are. It is so important to have strong reasons with what you’re doing so you can stay laser focused on something bigger than yourself.

Real entrepreneurs are leading a revolution, leading by example and creating a movement that’s changing the game.

Why do most people find it hard to reach greatness? Because they procrastinate. Most people haven’t truly sold themselves on what they’re doing or have sold themselves on too many things which leads to burnout. The only way to achieve greatness is by fully selling yourself on every angle where there is no space for alternatives.

Everybody suffers and deals with problems. What I’ve realised is asking yourself the question, “What are you gonna suffer for?” There is a lot of sacrifice and suffering that comes with those who are reaching greatness so you need to define what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to level up your game.

The common theme that most entrepreneurs suffer with is being lonely. Truth is, everyone has problems. What you must do to succeed is to choose your problems and upgrade what you need to focus on. By understanding that you want to achieve greatness, little problems will no longer affect you.

If you ever suffer from being overwhelmed because a task was too hard to do, you need to shift your perspective and be able to ask the right question. You need to ask yourself “what would this look like if it were easy?” The feeling of being overwhelmed is usually a result of over complicating something or failing to simplify the solution.

If you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed with trying to achieve a higher level of success, make sure you listen to this week’s podcast!

In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • How you can reach your potential to greatness
  • How to stop procrastination
  • Why it’s so important to sell yourself in what you’re doing so you can reach greatness
  • How to feel less overwhelmed when dealing with hard tasks




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People that are reaching greatness comes with a lot of sacrifice and suffering so you have to define what you’re going to suffer at Share on X

When you study people at that elite level, the last thing that they care about or fear is other’s opinions - it’s really hard to shake billionaires Share on X

People that are focused on greatness are 100 percent focused on their strengths and they find the best people that love their weaknesses Share on X


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