The 30 Day Challenge – Building Massive Momentum Into 2019

The 30 Day Challenge – Building Massive Momentum Into 2019



In this week’s podcast episode, I dive deep in to what it takes to prepare for success for the upcoming year. Most people think that 2019 starts on January 1st, but it really begins now. It doesn’t matter how excited or motivated you are leading in to the New Year, your success next year will be determined by your actual habits and actions taken, or not taken, during the 31 days of December.

The most important thing you need to have in check is figuring out your limitations. You need to fact check your own personal philosophies to understand what is possible for you, what helps you, and what hinders you. This internal analysis is a crucial step that needs to happen way before the New Year’s ball drops.

The biggest limitation for most people is their circle of influence. Being around people who aren’t aligned with your vision can be the very reason that’s preventing you from propelling forward. Make sure you end your year right by checking who you surround yourself with and making a commitment to surrounding yourself with people who you want to be more like.

Most of society thinks that in order to be successful, you need to inordinate amounts of hours. However, it’s truly not about the hours you work, it’s all about what you put in those hours. Putting in too many hours of work will make you bitter towards the things you used to love and be counterproductive in some cases. It’s not about working harder or smarter, it’s about working with a strategic intent and purpose. Making sure that your mindset and your actions are helping you propel your business forward, rather than just maintaining it.

The real game changer is to change your perspective in planning ahead and thinking things through. This will lessen regret. People live in the moment so much that they struggle in the future because they don’t have the intent and strategy required to make sure their actions today move them toward the long-term goals they have for themselves.  .

Those that plan in December are ready to execute on January 1st and will be doing laps around those who simply rush to get their 2018 tasks finished by December 31st. Now is the final stretch to go big and plan big. I’m always thinking about how I can win before the game begins, and making sure I have every competitive advantage in entrepreneurship. The battle is won long before the first shot is even fired. It is all about strategy and planning.

If you are excited to kill it in 2019 and have that competitive advantage over the rest of society, let’s dive into this week’s episode!

In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • How to have competitive advantage in entrepreneurship
  • How to use the month of December to plan and crush 2019
  • What limitations are holding you back from becoming more successful
  • How you can win in this economy
  • How to have a competitive edge in the entrepreneurship industry



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