How to Stay FOCUSED Like The Millionaires

How to Stay FOCUSED Like The Millionaires


Episode show notes

Are you living a world class life?

Most people don’t realise the power of focus and what you’re capable of when you have 100% clarity on what you want.

The most dangerous words that can ever come out of someone’s mouth are “I already know that”. It has never been about what you know but rather do your results prove what you already know – does your bank account or your business prove that you are a living a world class life?

The biggest game changer for me was when I truly realized the power of ‘focus’. It’s one thing to interrupt your interruptions or your distractions but having an actual prevention plan for your distractions is a total game changer.

You must really focus on what you’re truly grateful for, what are you excited for and why? Staying results-focused and having a strong ‘why’ gives everything you do a new meaning and greater intent. Once you’ve honed in on your ‘why’, that’s when you’ve truly sold yourself on creating a world class life and nothing can stop you.

Let’s dive in!

In this episode you will learn…

  • How to refocus and get back on track within the next 30-60 days to maximize your life
  • What it takes to live a world class life
  • The importance of having a strong ‘why’ to become successful in all that you do
  • The 5 things you can do to refocus and get yourself back in the zone


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