How to Reach The 1% of Any Industry

YEL 170 - How to Reach The 1% of Any Industry

How to Reach The 1% of Any Industry


Is the industry you’re trying to break into giving you a hard time?

While it is the greatest time in history to be making money, 95% of the world’s population is still struggling. Literally. Why is that?

It’s because what worked 5 or 10 years ago simply doesn’t work anymore. Everything has changed! I personally know 16-year-olds who are going to make a million dollars this year, and I also know some broke 50-year-olds. How is this happening?

Age is now becoming irrelevant. So is your experience or where you’re from. I remember being 15, selling a pair of shoes off of eBay. I made more in five minutes than my friend who just got off work for 8 hours! Sounds unfair, right? Well, I realized I got paid for thinking differently.

You can say you have 20 years of work experience, but can you say you’re not struggling in any way? The truth is you only have 1 year of experience that’s just repeated 20 times.

If you’re not investing in yourself by expanding your network, sharpening your skills, adapting to the new times, and finding what value you can add to the industry you want to reach, you’re gonna have another year of struggles repeated. It’ll be a cycle that’ll take all your energy to break.

Today’s podcast features Peter Voogd in Cabo, Mexico in one of his most compelling inspirational talks about making it in the industry. If your confidence is waning from all the setbacks you’ve faced, you better tune in and get hot tips that work from Peter!

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Why adapting to the new times is a must if you want to break into any industry
  • What “The new era of entrepreneurship” is
  • How one perspective shift can make you an extra million dollars
  • What an “in the zone” ritual can do to get yourself in the peak state of mind







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