How to Build and Sustain Real Wealth – Your Money Mindset

How to Build and Sustain Real Wealth – Your Money Mindset


Have you set a plan of attack yet to become wealthy this year?

You must have heard some really bad lies about being rich and believed them – something like the only way to become rich is to inherit wealth or that all the rich people started out with money or just got lucky. Well, during my journey towards becoming financially free, two trends have become crystal clear to me: the traditional ways of becoming wealthy are becoming extinct, and most of our society wasn’t taught how to build real wealth.

In this new economy, you don’t have to wait until you’re 65 to become wealthy. If you haven’t noticed yet, the internet has evened out the playing field and opened up so many opportunities to make money regardless of age. Assuming there’s money you’ll actually inherit in years to come, do you really have to wait that long while some people your age today, and even younger, are making and stacking up over a million dollars a year? 

But with all the resources at our disposal today, thanks to the new economy, how do you even start building real wealth, more so sustain it?

It’s all got something to do with your MONEY MINDSET. The first step in creating real wealth in your business? Know your numbers! That’s your top priority. With those numbers in mind, you’ll then need to develop today’s top 10 money-making skills proven to build massive wealth and prosperity.

Join Peter Voogd in this week’s podcast where he reveals 10 money-making focuses he swears by and attempts to give you a sense of urgency to start building your wealth today!

In this episode, you will learn…

  • How to get your money mindset right
  • Why you need to work in your unique ability
  • The 3 key activities you need to grow your business
  • How to break your own bottleneck
  • The 10 money-making focuses that will have you building and sustaining real wealth





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