The 5 Rules to Entrepreneurial Greatness

The 5 Rules to Entrepreneurial Greatness


In this episode of Y.E.L 2.0, your host Peter Voogd talks about the 5 rules to entrepreneurial greatness that he has gathered from his multi-millionaire guests. They all adhere to these rules!

Episode Highlights:

  • In the past few months, Peter has been lucky enough to interview plenty of incredible multi-millionaires
  • There is one thing that all of Peter’s incredibly successful guests have in common
  • Each guest has some kind of pain from their past that they use as motivation to turn adversity into an advantage
  • People who grow up that had everything given to them usually don’t have the hunger to achieve greatness
  • Peter’s guests have much higher standards that they set for themselves that are shaped by what they want and where they want to go
  • You’ll get what you tolerate, so don’t tolerate being disrespected, being broke, or having bad energy around you
  • Everyone has a thermometer, whether it’s with their health or income, that is set by their self-expectations
  • Make a list of the things that you shouldn’t be doing, your weaknesses, and delegate those out to avoid wasting your time
  • Focus on your area of genius, your strengths, and delegate everything else to your team
  • You need to delegate any task that someone on your team can do 80% as good as you
  • Truly successful people have a deep desire to give value to their audience
  • Peter doesn’t interview all multi-millionaires, only the ones that he respects because of their ability to add value
  • Pressure and bounceback, the ability to fail and try again, are essential to achieving your goals
  • Greatness itself can only be achieved by those who are willing to fail more times than their competition
  • An obsession with problem-solving within their field has fueled the GOATs in every industry

Three Key Points

    1. If you ever feel complacent, you haven’t experienced enough of the type of pain that alters you as a human.
    2. Lower standards and a fear of risk stop those in the 6-figure range from crossing that threshold into the 7-figure range.
    3. Successful people focus on their strengths, things that keep them engaged, and things that produce growth in their business.


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