Advanced Land Flipping Strategies w/ Travis King

Advanced Land Flipping Strategies w/ Travis King

The YEL podcast aims to assist listeners in building a life and business on their own terms, emphasizing that building wealth should be the primary focus of every entrepreneur. 

This week, Peter interviews special guest Travis King, who discovered land flipping as a means to achieve financial freedom after unsuccessful side hustles and years in the corporate world. Within two years of starting land flipping, Travis achieved significant passive income that allowed him to pursue it full-time, resulting in a seven-figure empire.  Travis now helps others through coaching programs and training courses to experience success in niche land flipping opportunities. This episode covered topics such as the advantages of investing in land over houses, the income potential, the best places to buy land, unique teaching style and strategies, the cost of running a land flipping operation, and how to get started with land flipping.


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