Building a Company People Want To Work For | Monty Moran

Building a Company People Want To Work For | Monty Moran

Building a Company People Want To Work For | Monty Moran – 03/11/2021

In this episode of Y.E.L 2.0, your host Peter Voogd tells you why it’s important to filter certain things from your life and how those things, if left unchecked, can derail you from achieving your goals!

Episode Highlights:

  • Don’t pay any attention to things that don’t matter or add value to your life
  • Peter doesn’t pay any attention to things that don’t positively affect his family, vision, business, and legacy
  • Right now, Peter and his wife are on a health detox, trying to focus on eating when he wants to feel amazing rather than based on taste
  • Peter is a go-go-go entrepreneur, so in the morning, he meditates to get ready for the day
  • It’s important to have a blueprint for each day so you know what end result you want to achieve
  • The bigger the magnitude of a decision, the more will power it takes, so don’t waste that will power on the small stuff
  • Most people in society live in fear because the first thing they take in is the negativity of the news

Three Key Points

  1. Society tries to make you feel bad when your life is amazing because other people’s lives are not.
  2. Peter does not pay attention to anything that does not add value to what is most important to him, his family, his vision, his business, and his legacy.
  3. Entrepreneurs miss opportunities because of 3 mistakes. They don’t prepare to the end result, save their willpower for important decisions, and fail to create immediate compelling value.


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