How To Increase Your Mental Clarity And Get More Done

How To Increase Your Mental Clarity And Get More Done

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Find yourself worrying too often? 

The ‘Brain dump’ exercise helps you reach a peak state of mind by simplifying your life and business. Learn the exact steps that let you become more creative, resourceful, and increase your mental clarity overall.

In today’s episode, Peter Voogd shares exactly how this exercise got him hooked on productivity! Be prepared for a new level of accomplishment and get excited to take action on your goals today.


In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • The importance of writing down your thoughts on paper
  • What you’re doing to delegate
  • What you need to delete
  • How to schedule tasks
  • How to take action today
  • The worry list



  • Perform brain dump ritual
  • Shut off devices
  • Have only notepad and pen
  • Capture what’s on your mind and write everything down
    • Tasks, projects, etc
    • Put in 1 of those categories
  • Repeat this challenge in the next 30-60 days


What’s been your breakthrough with the ‘brain dump’ exercise? Share with us in the comments below…

  • La'Tori
    Posted at 10:44h, 29 July Reply

    I just practiced the brain dump exercise and I absolutely love it! Thanks Peter for sharing this. Its amazing how good it feels to get everything out of my head and ORGANIZED on paper. I originally was “brain dumping ” everything on paper buy not actually executing the tasks that needed to get done. Now I see it’s because I was overwhelmed and distracting myself with the items that should have been in my worry list or delegated to others that can handle it. It took me about 45 mins- an hour to write everything down and then organize it into the categories but aftrewards I felt great! I felt accomplished and like I was finally on the path to productivity! Thanks guys for sharing this!

  • marvel future fight hack free
    Posted at 00:51h, 24 September Reply

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