Differences between You and a Billionaire – EP 25 by Peter Voogd

Differences between You and a Billionaire – EP 25 by Peter Voogd

If you want to be a millionaire study billionaires and you will get there quicker. Here are something things billionaires do that help them succeed.

1) They create their own reality

Billionaires create their own reality based on what they want. They don’t live in societies reality. They have a conviction that their plan will work even though it might fail.

2) They are always the most confident

Having the most confidence will make it easier to lose. Billionaire keep their confidence no matter the situation.

3) They have absolute clarity

They have clarity of what they are doing and why, and if they don’t they dedicate all their time figuring out how to gain clarity before moving on.

4) They want experiments not perfection

While most people are perfecting their products a billionaire already did several little things while many may have failed at least one of them have probably succeeded and made them another million/billion dollars.

5) They stand on the shoulders of other giants

Standing on the shoulders of giants will not only let you see what is ahead but also let you cut your learning curb getting to your goals quicker.

6) They’ve learned to develop relationships

They know how to develop relationship and how to develop people to carry out their vision.

Focusing on one or two of these things that you connect to the most to help you become what you want whether that is a millionaire or billionaire.

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