Former Navy Seal Larry Yatch On Leadership + Mental Toughness

Former Navy Seal Larry Yatch On Leadership + Mental Toughness

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Former Navy Seal and entrepreneur, Larry Yatch. 


What’s very impressive to me was how he was able to get a 100% success rate at leading and planning 200+ of the most challenging missions in the world’s most intense environments.


He’s reverse engineered the elite processes…


And the mindsets and systems that make the Seal teams the most effective teams in the entire world.


We’re discussing…


  • 3 hacks Larry learned during his time as a Navy Seal that will help you create high performing teams in your business 


  • The truth behind why most people quit when times get tough or challenging (and how you can avoid doing the same)


  • Your ability to experience success in life is 100% dependent on ___________. (Hint: It comes down to 2 simple words Larry believes are the key to success)


  • And more!


I truly believe any person in any team can implement these simple strategies for massive success in their life and their business. 


So give this episode a listen right here!


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