The Untold Truth About Haters

The Untold Truth About Haters

I want to say upfront that this is the most attention I will ever give a hater, then I’m done. Haters don’t deserve one second of your valuable attention so why on earth would you give them any? The world has too many haters already; insecure people who go out of their way, in fact they go above and beyond and will literally do anything to hurt others. Everywhere they go, they bring and share loads of misery and negativity to everyone they meet.

Let me be straight with you, I have yet to meet a successful hater. It comes as no surprise that generally speaking haters are not successful; they are way off track from achieving their goals, they hate what they do every single day, they struggle to pay the bills which results in jealously, frustration and anger towards YOU!

The sad fact is haters are far better than the amount of hate they choose to throw around. They can’t help themselves. My fuel is helping people and their fuel is hurting people using the insane amount of hate they posses, which is a direct reflection of their own insecurities.

Everyone knows that we now live in the new economy, which is both a gift and curse. The new economy, social media and the Internet has created a worldwide platform where everyone has a voice, anyone can make a comment or share an opinion. The only challenge is that a lot of people do so whilst hiding behind their screen, they say things they wouldn’t always say face-to-face.

Seriously, anyone can choose to hate someone, hating on those who are working like crazy to build an incredible life for themselves. Guess what, the real problem isn’t the amount of hate being thrown or the haters for that matter. The real problem is our reactions to the hate and the haters. We need to stop taking the gift they give us that makes us want to explode.

Take my advice, the best body armor against hater’s is compassion. When you put yourself into the shoes of a hater, how on earth can you possibly hate a hater! Haters are very sad people; we both should feel sorry for them. You have to realize that no-one who is psychology happy and healthy can ever hate on others.

I have a confession to make, growing up I used to be one of those kids who made fun of people and hated on kids. When I thought about why I did that it was due to my own insecurities. Now, older and wiser, I have analyzed every situation and I choose to learn from every mistake. Sadly, there are still a lot of adults acting and living like 12-year-old children living life in the school playground. Don’t be one of them.

The real reason haters hate is due to their fears, anxiety’s and insecurities. Haters play small and they love nothing more than to put others down. In reality, all this does is kill their drive and confidence. Without those qualities you will surely fail.

Change the way you play the game and move to a whole new level personally and professionally. Find the positives in everyone you meet and make people feel exceptional. I don’t have to tell you that we all have flaws and weaknesses, you know this. It is however, a great reminder to embrace everyone’s differences and appreciate the fact that everyone has a different view of the world.

Once you step up your game and become a bigger person – you become a better entrepreneur, a brother/sister, a leader and human being who never hates on others.

You must realize one important fact; if you have no haters you are not even a player in the game of life. If you have no brand, legacy, or success and if you are wanting to please everyone there is something wrong with your motives. Those entrepreneurs who are truly authentic, seriously successful and crushing it in business are the ones with the most haters and loads of people who are jealous of their success. Know this, you don’t need to respond to haters all you need to do is create massive success for this is your greatest form of revenge.

Success without emotional reactions is taking the higher road and most importantly, you have the last say. You won the game – now it is time to celebrate your success.

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