How BitBoy Crypto Actually Got Rich

How BitBoy Crypto Actually Got Rich

Episode Highlights

  • It’s hard to see the payoff at the end of the day for being consistent. But that’s hard work and consistency, it works across any industry.
  • The government is always going to be in the background, where we don’t have a true world of Crypto regulation.
  • It’s been very humbling to see Bitcoin move in a direction that we didn’t think it was going to move in.
  • Through BitBoy Crypto, our mission is to empower people to find financial freedom through crypto-assets.
  • Ben’s job is to keep the sentiment for crypto up to educate people on where crypto is heading in the long term, and to keep them as plugged into where the markets are today as possible.
  • We’ve shown multiple times our entire portfolio, everything that we own; we change stuff from time to time because we want to be super transparent.
  • Ben is most impressed with the project name ‘Sandbox’.
  • Brands are coming to ‘Sandbox’ and buying land and wanting to be involved.
  • Peter enquires, what are the standards that Ben always wants to check off to make sure it’s a legit project?
  • It’s okay for an individual or investor to use a project for the short term to make some money to roll that money into a project you do believe in the long term.
  • We learned that when it comes to sponsored content it has to be a named team.
  • You can use a website called and look at the portfolios of a lot of these big companies.
  • If you are investing in any project, you have to create your vacuum of research.
  • Peter enquires that in 2018 Ben built some wealth because the market was crashing so if a similar thing is happening now, or if there is a different strategy?
  • Ben started this channel because he wants to educate people on Crypto and wants to educate people on the opportunity that he missed so nobody else misses it.
  • If you want to get more involved in Crypto, there’s way more upside to doing that, than to throwing money into walking away and not getting invested.
  • Hard work, perseverance, consistency, picking the right direction, and having someone that believes in you, are all the things that led to the recipe that got Ben to where he is right now.
  • Ben’s risk-reward ratio has played out. The risk was huge, and the reward was huge.
  • There may be a time when you do have to go get a job or you do have to change what you’re doing.
  • It’s so important to have people around you that hold you to high standards, that build you up, that force you to not be hungry but want to live the best life possible.
  • Our channel has probably made more millionaires than possibly any other channel in the history of YouTube.
  • A lot of sources of conflict on social media come down to people having vastly different ages, and you feel like you’re talking to an equal.
  • The lesson of November 2021 is, we’re not guaranteed $100,000, and we’re not guaranteed to have a blow-off top.
  • 24 to 27 would be a place where we would be looking to move a lot of our stable coins back into Crypto.
  • Ben shares a little bit about his routine and his mentality on how he kind of manages everything throughout the week.
  • There are a lot of people in Crypto that make a lot of money, and now they’re just low on motivation because they have enough money to retire.
  • If you want to scale and want to continue, you have to figure out a higher goal.
  • We call ourselves a family channel; we don’t cuss on the channel.
  • We got to figure out where we’re going to be in this new world. It doesn’t have to be in Crypto, it could be NFTs.
  • Metaverse itself is going to be bigger than Crypto as an area, as a niche, and as an industry. Even though it’s based on BlockChain and Decentralized Crypto.

3 Key Points:

  1. If you are on a very limited budget, and you are trying to have a small portfolio to grow into something where you can truly change your life, you have to do it yourself. You have to grow up, figure out the things that you look for, and create something. You may fail, and you may come up with some different criteria. You have to look at those as expensive lessons on the smaller levels; this is what keeps you from doing stupid stuff when the money is big.
  2. Ben shares – he did not build a lot of wealth in 2018. When people hear his story, they seem to assume a couple of things. In 2018, he laid the foundation because he understood that, this was the future and he realized the way to make money in an industry is to get involved in the industry. It’s a story of believing in Crypto and Online Entrepreneurship that brought him to where he’s today.
  3. You have to figure out where you think you may be. You got to find out what you’re passionate about, find something that aligns with that then go deep in it, and make a lifelong commitment that that’s what you’re going to pursue. You may get sidetracked, you may have to go work at McDonald’s when the price of Bitcoin is down, do what you have to do to survive, but always keep that long-term vision and passion in perspective.


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