How To Get More Confidence – Episode #6: The Confidence Account

How To Get More Confidence – Episode #6: The Confidence Account

Let’s talk about the number one factor that determines whether you make it or not as an entrepreneur – CONFIDENCE. Peter Voogd presents simple and practical action steps that will instantly boost your confidence.

The Confidence Account

This determines how successful you are: The confidence you have or don’t have.

“Everything you do either helps or hurts your confidence.”


It’s uncertainty that causes doubt, make people give up, take less action, validate, and make excuses.

The most successful people are good at what they do because they are certain of what they are doing. Here are simple action steps that will guide you through the process of eliminating uncertainty.

  1. Do your due diligence. Do your research.
  2. Are you hanging around other people that already have the results you want in an industry?
  3. Make sure you’re choosing growth in the moment vs instant gratification
  4. Develop an identity with yourself that you follow through with your word.

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