How To Get Through Tough Times

How To Get Through Tough Times

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Bad things happen. It’s only a question of when, how bad, and whether you’re resilient enough to ride through a bad time.

As you move through life, there’ll be moments of frustration, anger, and discouragement. You had a flat tire on the way to an important meeting. Mortgage rates just went up. A new and aggressive competitor nabbed some of your valued clients. You got fired from a dream job. Your partner wants to break up the relationship. Site traffic is low. Your cat got bitten by a nasty poodle.

So what do you do when times are tough? Do you give in to rage or disappointment? Or do you ignore them as if nothing happened?

How people react to adversity is a good test on whether they are geared up for success. Winners roll with the punches and bounce back with a determined and positive outlook. Losers wallow in their pain (real or imagined) and refuse to take the next step moving forward.

The best way to handle tough times is to face it with what I call “mental toughness.” Your mindset is your best armor when things don’t go your way. To help you build mental toughness, I’ve developed the Focus 5 Activity that I recommend you perform every three to four weeks. This activity helps fill up your core with things that uplift your attitude (gratefulness, pride) and things that motivate you to act on your goals (excitement, results).   

In this podcast, we’ll get into the details on how you should perform this 15-minute activity, which I guarantee will help you build a winning mindset that can handle even the toughest of times.

In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • A practical technique to improve your attitude and stay motivated.
  • How to build your confidence through simple mental exercises.  
  • How to use personal goals to drive business results.
  • Why being psychologically prepared helps you lift your career or grow your business.   


What are your top 5 results you want to achieve in the next month?

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