How To Develop Self Awareness & Master Your Life

How To Develop Self Awareness & Master Your Life

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When you blend music and message together, motivation happens. That’s what I’ve learned producing inspirational mixtapes for ambitious millennials. Even better than that, motivation spurs people to take action that positively changes their lives and those of others.

Music does a lot things. It can make people feel good or serve as a shelter from life’s sharp edges. But music, reinforced by the right stories, can make you turn inward and discover yourself as a person and as a dreamer. This is important because mastering yourself is key to becoming a world-class human being; which in turn, is a prerequisite to becoming a world-class entrepreneur. After all, you earn genuine respect only if you execute well on all fronts: health, wealth, integrity, financial freedom and leadership.

That’s a full plate but music and the right narratives can spark sustained action. And that’s the rationale behind the release of the Know Yourself Mixtape which we offer free to YEL subscribers. You can listen and groove to the mixtape while working out on the gym or taking the commute to work. Because the mixtape also includes entrepreneurial insights, you get to be educated as well as entertained.

Join Markado and me as we give a sneak peek into some of the tracks that comprise the Know Yourself Mixtape and discover how it can stoke your inner fire. Crafted by some of the best sound engineers, there’s nothing like this as of yet in the market for millennials. So tune in and grab a beat.

In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • Some compelling trivia on the upcoming Know Yourself Mixtape (15:48)
  • The importance of self-awareness to your entrepreneurial success. (16:56)
  • Why being a world-class human being is more important than financial achievements. (30:01)
  • How upbeat music mixed with message can spark motivation. (15:56) 


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  • How well do you know yourself when it comes to your goals?
  • What keeps you from reaching those goals?

Learn more:

Get 2 FREE ‘Know Yourself’ Tracks plus the 6-Figure Action Guide for FREE for a limited-time here.

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