More money, more problems is a myth!

More money, more problems is a myth!

  • In this episode of “Y.E.L. 2.0”, your host Peter Voogd, serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker, Best-selling Author and Husband shares a couple of simple tips that will help you, not just make more money, but do it in a strategic way where it adds value to your life, adds peace of mind to your life and you have more flexibility and freedom. He says if you follow these tips then you will not only live a financially successful life but also a fulfilling life with massive peace of mind.

    Episode Highlights: 

    • According to Peter Voogd it’s a myth in people’s mind that if you have more money then you’ll have more problems instead it’s more money, more peace of mind.
    • Peter Voogd says that, distance yourself from other people’s successes and stop comparing yourself to others unless you’re just using it as motivation.
    • He states that if you want to be a successful Entrepreneur / CEO, you have to understand that your job is to focus on a your strengths, which is whatever you do with the least amount of effort that you’re most excited about and doing things that produce growth.
    • Peter points out that when you start making money, it is important that you invest the money back into things that make your money work for you.
    • “It’s not even worth millions of dollars living stressed and frustrated.” Says Peter.

Three Key Points

  • Peter mentions that it is important to understand that you can make a lot of money and have peace of mind, happiness, excitement and fulfilment, unlike most people. He gives out five keys to really mastering income and peace of mind while building a world class life you’re proud of.
  • Stop comparing yourself just because someone else makes 10 million, doesn’t mean you have to make 10 million right now. So, comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, setting goals and beating personal bests and getting rid of any external expectations, is such a crucial part of happiness.
  • As per Peter, when there’s something new in your business or when there’s some new idea, think in terms of delegation which means who you can get to do this, versus how to do this because if you’re trying to do everything, you’ll be mediocre at all of it.


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