Peak Performance Secrets

Peak Performance Secrets

In this episode of “Y.E.L. 2.0”, your host Peter Voogd, serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker, Best-selling Author, Husband, and Father talks about the importance of setting-up routines and schedules. As per him, we need to figure out the most important routines and rituals and based on that our goals.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Peter gives an example of Design over Willpower stating that how we design our schedule is more important than what is on it.
  • We want to place toughest tasks in our business where we have the most willpower.
  • He states that the higher we get up in leadership the more people let us down.
  • Peter suggests teaching people how they should communicate with us and that we must control our agendas and no other person.
  • He talks about 80/20 rule.
  • Peter says, as we escape reality, regret increases and hence it’s important to focus on network.
  • “What 20% of marketing efforts have yielded 80% of your results for your current business?” questions Peter.
  • Peter advises to do some strategic thinking and asks a set of questions to ponder over.
  • Peter recommends simplifying schedule to the core values and it will be lot easier.

Three Key Points

  1. Peter stresses on designing our schedule for max productivity; we should not waste our willpower as we only have a certain amount of willpower throughout the day.
  2. He points out that we got to pick and get rid of all the toxic things in our life right away.
  3. As per Peter, it’s important to figure out what activities yield the highest results/profits and focus on that.


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