Tesla Talks – The Power of Being Present

Tesla Talks – The Power of Being Present

In this episode of “Y.E.L. 2.0”, your host Peter Voogd, serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker, Best-selling Author, Husband and Father helps people understand how to develop certain skills that allows them to make money for their family. He talks about the importance of living and enjoying life by being fully present in each and every moment.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Peter states that the only way to enjoy time and make time go by slower is by being fully present.
  • He talks about his mentor who has three kids, very successful but he puts his family first and still ensures that his business runs.
  • Peter says that he challenged himself for seven days & tried to be fully present with whatever he did.

Three Key Points

  1. As per Peter, one of the things that always stood with him that he never understood the power of till he got older was the statement, wherever you are, be there.
  2. The only way to enjoy and pause time and make time go by slower, is by being present. Fully present like in your breath, smelling the room, paying attention, putting your phone away, etc.
  3. If you keep yourself fully present in whatever you do then you’ll feel a sense of fulfilment and joy that you don’t get from being multi-focused or being always on your phone.


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