Tesla Talks: This Is How You Become Unstoppable

Tesla Talks: This Is How You Become Unstoppable

Tesla Talks: This Is How You Become Unstoppable. 03/18/21.

In this episode of Y.E.L 2.0, your host Peter Voogd explains how our choices shape our reality, and how it’s important to take note of those choices in order to know what creates the best possible life!

Episode Highlights:

  • Take note of the choices that have created your current reality
  • If you’re stressed and not where you want to be in life, look at the choices that led you there
  • Make sure to document what you are doing so that you can look back and see what choices were right and wrong
  • Rather than escaping reality when you’re stressed, work to change your reality to one that makes you happy
  • Escaping problems leaves them there waiting for when you come back, so deal with them head-on

Three Key Points

  1. Think about the choices and decisions that have led you to the life that you are currently living.
  2. When Peter looked back to re-evaluate his standards and schedule based on when he was the happiest, he was able to change his reality for the better.
  3. Stress, frustration, and discouragement mean that you are focusing on the wrong things.


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