The Most Important Millionaire Traits and Habits of 2021

The Most Important Millionaire Traits and Habits of 2021

In this episode of “Y.E.L. 2.0”, your host Peter Voogd, serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker, Best-selling Author, Husband and Father talks about The Most Important Millionaire Traits and Habits of 2021.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Peter says all the millionaires he has talked to, they make decisions fast, they have a criteria or a filter system for their decisions.
  • According to Peter, someone who’s more established always is more certain.
  • He mentions that if you don’t understand how to develop people, then you will make money when you work more hours, and that gets very tricky, as you get older.
  • Peter reveals that he has a filter system for the deals but he wants to teach people how to do that so they start multiplying their money.
  • He suggests investing on four things Yourself, Business, Assets and Workspaces to have the most fulfilling and rewarding life.
  • Finally, Peters states that the difference between courage and competence is that confidence feels really good but courage doesn’t.

Three Key Points

  1. As per Peter, millionaires or someone who’s more established always is more certain, and are the ones that usually get a deal negotiation are people they want to cheap that everyone knows that you should practice more.
  2. The best way to become an exceptional leader is to get to the next level by working on developing people and becoming a People Developer, it’s about mastering the “What and Why” and finding the best for How.
  3. Perfectionism is the enemy of entrepreneurship and real entrepreneurship is committing yourself before you have the guarantee of success.


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