What Is your “Zone Of Fire,” and why you NEED It. | JLD Gamechangers Interview

What Is your “Zone Of Fire,” and why you NEED It. | JLD Gamechangers Interview

On this episode of Y.E.L. 2.0, your host Peter Voogd, serial entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, best-selling author, husband, and father interviews John Lee Dumas about mastering your micro niche, learning when to say ‘no,’ committing to your goals, and accomplishing ‘uncommon success.’ 

Episode Highlights:

  • What does John Lee Dumas see as the biggest problem that entrepreneurs have?
  • Does John Lee Dumas see a lot of people that try to be everything for everybody and end up ruining everything?
  • Is saying ‘no’ a strategy to lead to more lucrative ‘yes’ situations?
  • John Lee Dumas talks about achieving freedom.
  • What was John Lee Dumas’s path to committing to doing a daily podcast?
  • Be the best solution for one real problem. 
  • What does uncommon success mean to you and how can people find their own version of it?
  • What must entrepreneurs do to solidify freedom, lifestyle, and success?

Three Key Points

    1. Identify your big idea and become the best at that thing.
    2. Know when to say ‘no’ because you only have so much time and energy.
    3. You may have a great idea. But make sure the barrier isn’t too low for your competition to jump over and take your place.


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