How a Skateboard Legend Crushed The Real Estate Game – Mikey Taylor Interview

How a Skateboard Legend Crushed The Real Estate Game – Mikey Taylor Interview



How prepared are you for the inevitable changes in life and business?

In this week’s podcast, I interview pro skateboard legend, entrepreneur, and president of Commune Capital, Mikey Taylor. Mikey dives into his biggest breakthroughs he’s learned the past 20 years, and how he’s overcome the inevitable life changes that come with being a pro athlete (injuries, uncertainty of free agency, and money earned through this career is not forever)

Mikey advises all young entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers to protect and multiply your money.

A lot of entrepreneurs know how to make money but very few know how to protect it and compound it to protect their family. Real estate created passive income for Mikey and allowed him to plan for the future without becoming too comfortable with his career as a pro athlete. It’s important to plan for the future and control how much you are spending.  

Mikey went through one of the biggest setbacks in his life which was losing his career earlier than he had expected. Like many successful people in business, he emphasised the power of a morning routine for the mindset to accomplish rather than feeling anxious and tired.

Mikey believes one of the biggest perspective shifts is stepping outside of yourself to help other people succeed is a whole new level of fulfilment. In fact, your level of success increases when you succeed with others.

Make sure you tune in this week’s podcast if you want to build your net-worth and learn the importance of creating multiple streams of income.

Let’s dive in!

In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • Why it’s important to create multiple streams of income
  • How to create passive income through real estate
  • How to plan for the future and control your spending
  • How you can succeed bigger while succeeding with others


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