6 Bulletproof Steps from Dead Broke to 6 Figures – Money Matters Chapter

6 Bulletproof Steps from Dead Broke to 6 Figures – Money Matters Chapter



What does ‘money’ mean to you?

This is a topic rarely discussed at home and one of the main reasons why people don’t have enough.

You have to identify what is ‘enough’ for you, but most people are struggling. They have inconsistent income, don’t have enough to pay for bills and they’re just trying to escape the rat race.

Money isn’t everything, but it’s right up there with oxygen.

Money is very important for freedom, peace of mind, experiences, adventure, impact and living life on your terms.

The purpose of this chapter called ‘Money Matters’ in my book ‘6 Months to 6 Figures’ is not just to educate people about money but to share first hand experiences how i didn’t just go from dead broke to 6 figures in income – i went from a dead broke mindset to a wealthy ‘mindset’ first. Remember, mindset comes first, results come second.

Don’t believe what you believe just because that’s how you were raised. There are a lot of philosophies that you might have adopted that may night be serving you well.

Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.

I want to share with you not just how to make money but how to keep it, multiply it, compound it and protect your family to where you never have money issues.

Do you want to break free from mediocrity? You need to change your perspective on wealth.

Join me on this week’s podcast if you are ready for greater freedom and start living life on your terms.

Let’s go!

In this episode, you will learn . . .

  • How to break free from the money scarcity mentality
  • How you can start living life on your terms
  • How to become successful and start capitalising even when the economy is downhill
  • How to break free from mediocrity and start creating wealth


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